The difference between the on-board on-board computer of the taxi and the GPRS split machine


First, from the hardware, cable docking GPS positioning equipment machine needs: cable control card, GPS positioning instrument, a mobile phone card (used to receive GPS positioning instrument flow) power supply, display, wiring etc.,

Wireless GPRS control system and GPS positioning apparatus are required: wireless GPRS control card, GPS positioning instrument, two mobile cards (used to receive traffic), display, power supply, wiring and so on.

Two, from the software, both need to create a server, the data transmitted through the server, both can send information through the software to display, can also query the location of the vehicle through the software, can also query the location of the vehicle via mobile phone sms;

Three, the operating performance, GPS positioning instrument development our company has no production, so it is not clear the specific performance, so the inconvenience for comparison, but according to the previously used this product before they reflect, the bus also used the GPS positioning system docking cable control card, often send information can not arrive in time on the display screen, delete existing information is not always successful. So, after using the first batch, change it instead of using our GPRS control system, split GPS positioning. GPRS wireless control system and GPS positioning system because it is split two, it can share a single server, but the software is separate from the GPRS wireless control system is responsible for publishing and deleting program advertising content, GPS is responsible for the inquiry of vehicle position in an emergency, so that the two can timely alarm. Because our company is mainly doing wireless systems, there is a strong technical backing support, so there is no quality problems, from the customer's feedback rate, the rate of repair are controlled below 3%.